Why Should the HPV Vaccine Be Mandatory? 3 Reasons

I was at a school annual day function recently as a judge for a debate competition between the students. The topic for the debate was if the Human Papilloma Virus must be mandatory as a federal Health Mandate. The topic was given beforehand for the students to prepare and I was immensely surprised by the kind of preparation that both the sides had done.

Quite impressive I must say!

So, finally, the debating side that said that the HPV Vaccine must be made mandatory won and here is a synopsis of what they put forth:

  1. More than fifty percent of cancers are linked to sexually transmitted ones and there are a big number of people who have already contracted this virus. It is in the interest of the population that the vaccine is administered because according to the Center for the Disease Control and Prevention, more than fifty percent of the world’s population is at risk of contracting it.
  1. It is likely that the infection and the symptoms that are contracted through this virus may not be explicitly known till too late as much as there are chances that the symptoms may disappear altogether but here is a good reason to believe that more than 25 percent of the population is prone to get the infection sexually and almost all of them is connected to the cervical, vulvar, rectal or anal cancers.
  1. Two potent vaccines that are approved by the FDA called the Gardasil and the Cervarix are known to protect from more than 40 strains of cervical cancer but only with the condition that the girl is administered with the vaccine before she comes into contact with the vaccine that is to say before she becomes sexually active.

I must thank the organizers Cum-Swing-With-Me for holding such relevant debates targeting the youth. I am so sure that it was enough food for thought for the participants as well as the audience present. Looking forward to much more meaningful programs.