My guide to drug testing and a proper diet

There are many things used to calibrate the equipment used in drug testing in laboratories. It is prepared artificially and it mimics real human parameters in its appearance and properties. The calibration  is also used to determine real urine with fake urine in order to pass drug tests for jobs, etc.

What is have people used to pass a drug test?

Artificially manufactured urine that is available in the form of powder. It is used by mixing it with water. It is supplied as a complete kit which also contains a special strip to measure the temperature and a heating pad to maintain the temperature of the mixture between 32° and 38°.

How does synthetic urine work?

Urine is quite a simple mixture in composition and very few compounds are present in it. This is why synthetic urine can be easily produced and used to replace real urine in urinalysis drug tests. Since it is synthesized correctly, it is almost exactly the sameas real urine. Thus it has all the expected compounds found in real urine and doesn’t have traces of those unwanted drugs. This helps it easily pass the drug test.

How to select the right synthetic urine

Since drug tests have become stricter than before, it is important to buy the right synthetic urine to confidently pass the drug test.

  • Make sure it has uric acid as labs nowadays stress on testing it.
  • The temperature of the synthetic urine must be between 32° and 38° to pass the test.
  • Look for a product with long shelf-life as good products can last for years.

Where to buy detox kits

Search online for detox drink you can use at home and you will find hundreds of online stores to buy from. However, be cautious as fake and low-quality products are present in the market which can put you in trouble in the drug test. Buy from a trusted source with good reviews and reputation.