Excuse to Miss Work Last Minute

If you are the sole breadwinner for your family you will have to be very careful in giving excuses at your workplace for missing work. Unless it is highly essential it is not recommended that you give silly reasons and get away from work. However, there are situations in life where missing work becomes inevitable. There are two options – either you tell the exact reason for missing work last minute or give some convincing excuses to escape without any questions asked. You can go through a few convincing excuses at F-Origin website to escape from work at the last minute.

Many a times you can give legit excuses and get out of work if your boss understands. There are situations where you are not in a position to tell the exact reason for missing work; at such situations you can come up with a lie that is close to reality. The following are some of the last minute reasons you can tell your boss.

Car troubles: Car troubles are unpredictable and can occur at any time. This could happen before you leave the house or when heading to the workplace. You can inform your boss that your car developed some mechanical problems which need to be taken care of immediately.

Baby sitting: If the person who has been babysitting has not turned up to work, you can give this as a last minute excuse and stay back home. This is a convincing reason as getting a substitute at once is not possible.

Traffic jam: Getting caught in a traffic jam is very annoying when you have to be at the office on time. You can use this as a fair excuse for not getting to work on time.

Food poisoning: This can happen any day. You can tell your boss that you attended an event the previous night and the food was not stomach friendly.