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    Is It Possible to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Pills?

    Often times I’m asked by people what exactly is possible with weight loss, I’ve had people ask me questions like “Can I eat so and so?” Or “Is it possible to lose weight while eating over 2000 calories a day”, but nothing as common as “Is it possible to lose weight without exercise or pills?”. The short answer is no, but as usual the long answer is far more complex.

    First, body weight can either be maintained, lost or gained, all this really depends on is the number of calories you put in versus the number of calories you burn, if your calorie intake is less than your calorie burn, you will be in a calorie deficit and your body will eventually be forced to start burning into glycogen reserves (a more fancy way of saying fat reserves).

    Even if you decide to eat incredibly unhealthy food every day, the reason why people are usually unable to do it with unhealthy food is that unhealthy food contains such large amounts of calories that even a small amount can push you over deficit territory to weight gain territory. (One pizza slice is well over 250 calories, 2 will push you to almost 600 calories), given this fact, weight loss is incredibly hard, but it can be done without exercise, check out this Instagram Promotion to see this in action or view this man-eating Twinkies and losing weight.

    It is also possible without pills, in fact most people who lose weight will lose it without pills. Pills are a shortcut and after you go off them, the fat will come back, even if the pill actually works as described in the first place. Dieting, proper exercise and control of your cravings will go much further in losing weight and keeping it off.