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    The best advices for those with mental health and debt problems

    Mental health and debt problems are linked with each other. If you have good mental health then your debt management would be good. There are more than 5 million people suffering with such issues like poor mental health and financial difficulty. To ease such issues, there are websites and services that offer debt advice for people with financial problems that also affects their mental health. This could also prevent issues that lead to family break-up and losing the roof over your head.

    There are certain services offered like –

    1. How to document your will
    2. Money management with mental health issues
    3. Calculator tools & budget planner
    4. True stories from such victims of poverty & mental issues
    5. Support and guidance on issues around beneficial decisions.

    There are services like online help with a list of contacts and a referral phone line for one – to – advice. However, these  are for those people from highly difficult problems & situations. Otherwise, more than providing direct advice these services aim for research to understand what and how of the problems to update policies.

    Signs of poor mental health due to debt problems

    • Insomnia because of excessive planning of solutions
    • Lack of appetite due to excessive worrying of debt
    • Withdrawn social life due & inability to indulge friends
    • Feeling sick, heavy, depressed most of the time.
    • No concentration on work activity or studies
    • Progressing of mental issues in case of depression, anxiety, etc.

    There is no guarantee for canceling debt problems but http://nordmoney.fi helps to relieve your mental stress. Talk to a friend or neighbor or to your doctor. They may have some recommendations for you. Visit a reputed debt advice service that might help.…