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Beard And Its Bright Side

Beard is the latest trend among men across the world with most fashion savvy men want to maintain beard and that too in top notch condition. Undoubtedly it helps them look more mature and also provides them attention they seek. Even the females are more attracted towards males having with stubble beard.

Apart from just looking good, I would like to tell you that there are even health benefits attached to growing beard. You may find this aspect weird, however, there are 8 proven health benefits of beard. Following are some the health benefits discovered;

Prevent throat disease – Beard can help the person to stay far from the throat diseases by trapping allergens and the airborne bacteria and consequently keeping them away from the mouth.

Improve sex life – You may be surprised to know that there is direct correlation between growth of beard and sex life. Persons with grown beard often report happy sexual life with their partners.

Protects from UV rays – Beard also works in direction of protecting the skin of the person from harmful UV rays. Therefore the person doesn’t have to deal with leathery look and wrinkles.

Reduced chances of bacterial infection – It also helps the person to create a layer of protection from the bacterial infections which may arise due to cuts and nicks while shaving.

Skin moisturized – According to a study conducted recently, the skin of a person with beard often stay moisturized as skin releases natural oils.

Aid asthma –Beard also works in giving solace to the person whose asthma is triggered by the pollen grains or dust. The hair present around nasal work in order to stop inhalation of allergic particles that trigger asthma.

Look mature – The beard definitely help the person to look mature, however, it also works in protecting skin from direct sunshine making the person look younger at the same time.

Feel good – Last but not least, the presence of beard groomed with beard oil can help you to feel good about yourself as this may gets you more compliments. I got the best beard oil from this site which has lots of positive reviews and exclusively provides grooming products including beard oil.