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    The Best Shaving Tips for Sensitive Skin

    Who said men do not have to do anything to look perfect? Even the naturally gifted few and genetically blessed lots need to put in an effort to look picture perfect. This is specifically true when it comes to shaving. Most men just cannot escape this part. Although there are a few people who are not so hairy or are blessed with no facial hair growth, the others need to follow a particular skincare routine, especially if they have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is something that you cannot ignore and that which needs special care and treatment.

    Signs that depict you have sensitive skin:

    • You experience minor to major razor burns or razor nicks while or after shaving.
    • You frequently cut your skin while shaving.
    • You notice visible redness on your face as soon as you finish shaving.
    • You feel uncomfortable and prone to facial irritations after shaving.

    If you experience one or more of the above symptoms, then you have sensitive skin and require special shaving tips. Here are some shaving tips for such people with low to the extremely sensitive skin.

    1. Before you start shaving, prepare your face by washing it with a mild soap, face wash or a scrub to soften the facial hair.
    2. Use warm water while shaving, as it tends to open up the pores and hydrates your skin, which will make shaving smoother.
    3. Buy a good shaving kit. For instance, use a good quality shaving gel and preferably a skin care regimen to soften the facial hair. This will also prevent your skin from shaving cuts and nicks.
    4. One way to reduce the visible redness on your skin is by adopting rodan + fields soothe
    5. Buy a good razor, preferably one with multi-blades and that which are closely spaced. This will reduce the pressure you apply on your skin, thereby resulting in a comfortable shaving experience.
    6. Regularly check and replace old and dull blades, as these can lead to skin irritations and nicks.
    7. Shave the sensitive parts such as your upper lip, under the nose, etc. the last and that too with a single blade.
    8. Follow a pattern while shaving and do not opt for zigzag shaving process. Shave lightly by apply gentle strokes. Rinse the blade frequently to prevent deposition on the blade edges.
    9. Once you finish shaving, use an after-shave to protect your skin and rinse using only cool water. Moreover, pat dry your face rather than applying pressure and wiping it clean dry.
    10. Further, make it a habit to moisturize your skin.