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    5 Easy Health and Wellness Tips for Busy Students

    If you think that only adults are leading a busy and stressful life, think again. These days, even children, mostly students are leading a busy and stressful life themselves. It is therefore important to ensure that students also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Here are five easy and simple tips for better health and well-being among students.

    1. Eat Healthily – More than half the student population tend to skip their breakfast and hog on junk food. However, this must change and students must always eat their meals on time, never skip their breakfast, and eat only healthy food items. Students can even adopt some interesting diet forms. For instance, welcome the Hello Keto Diet – a low carb diet that ensures healthy eating habits.
    2. Drink Plenty – Next to eating solids, is drinking plenty of fluids. Students must cut down on soda and resort to drinking water and fresh fruit/vegetable juices. Students must also ensure that their daily intake of water is met so that their body functions properly.
    3. Exercise Regularly – In addition to this, exercising daily is a good practice to stay healthy and develop one’s well being naturally. Students can indulge in any form of exercise that interests them such as swimming, outdoor games, cycling, working out at the gym, or simply walking.
    4. Sleep Sufficiently – It is a standard rule that all students must get their 6-7 hours of sleep daily in order to function well. However, we find some students sleeping less while other who oversleep, both of which are bad for the body. Therefore, students must get into the practice of sleeping on time and sleeping for the right duration.
    5. Plan Well – Students must get into the habit of planning and organizing their life to avoid unforeseen circumstances and make the best use of their time. This way, they can even allocate some amount of time to pursue their interests/hobbies and thereby lead a stress-free life.
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    The Top Five Trends and Truths in Men’s Health

    Men have to give more focus to their wellbeing. Instead of overlooking, hesitate, denying and safeguarding, they have to confront medical problems form the start. Mindfulness, early screenings, embracing healthy propensities with great sustenance and exercise assists in sound health.

    Men can accept to comprehend the greatest dangers to their wellbeing and step toward a superior, more beneficial lifestyle.


    Diabetes left untreated in men can prompt different issues and other urological concerns, neuropathic illnesses, dehydrating problems and harm to the kidneys, eyes, and hearing impairments. Men, on gaining weight, are more in danger for diabetes than ladies. Moreover, men ordinarily accumulate fat uniquely in contrast to ladies, which expands their hazard.

    Kidney disease

    Hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and stoutness are only a couple of variables that expand the danger of fatal kidney illness, which can prompt inconveniences like iron deficiency, cardiovascular sickness, diminished sex drive, diminished immunity reaction and kidney harm.


    Though normal, it’s not unavoidable and can be avoided, deferred and treated. Whenever overlooked, it can prompt kidney and heart issues, vision defects and even visual impairment. Stress, the absence of physical action and overweight or obesity increments the chances, as do hereditary qualities.

    High cholesterol levels

    Exceedingly controlled by hereditary qualities, cholesterol levels can be impacted by aspects like eating regimen, movement and body mass. Cholesterol can be estimated by a normal testing of blood. The hazard increments with age and, if left as such, can prompt a more serious danger of heart assault, peripheral artery ailment or stroke.

    Prostate cancer

    According to the holisticboard, this is the commonly recognized cancerous growth seen in men. Fortunately it’s treatable whenever found in its beginning times; however, the awful news is that regularly it demonstrates no signs till it has spread to different areas of the body. Though more elderly individuals are more prone to this hazard, more youthful men can be diagnosed, as well.

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    The Amazing Benefits Of Wild Caught Fish

    Learn more from Dreamguides why the wild caught fish is much better to consume than the fish raised in farms.

    The wild fishes are those that can be found in the natural habitat. These fishes survive on a natural diet composed of algae and other small organisms. The fishes that are grown in the farms are cultivated and cultured so that these get adjusted to the artificial habitat.

    Wild fishes are expensive but these fishes are tastier and healthier than the farm fishes.

    The benefits of eating wild caught fish

    • More nutritious

    The wild caught fish are more nutritious. These are dense in nutrients, healthy for the heart and boost the brain. In fact, the wild caught fishes are wholesome food and are a rich source of vitamin A and D and omega 3fattyacids.

    • Less fatty

    The wild caught fishes move freely and since these are not kept in any restricted environment so they are lower in fat. They have good fat but not in excess.

    • Safer to eat

    The wild caught fishes are, not fed any pesticides and these are free of the harmful toxins and other chemicals that are present in the farm fishes. The wild caught fishes are thus less contaminated.

    • More ethical

    From an ethical point of view too it is highly beneficial to have the wild caught fishes instead of eating the fishes that are grown in the farms. The wild caught fishes do not cause any environmental ill effects, unlike their farm-grown counterparts that pollute the environment.


    The health benefits of wild-caught fishes are many. They are a rich source of many vitamins and also contains more of the omega 3 fatty acids. Since these are less contaminated they do not increase the risk of diseases. The wild caught fishes are also tastier than the farmed fishes.

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    8 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight

    Have you been trying hard to lose that weight you gained some time back? Have you tried and tested a variety of diets and exercise routines, but to no effect? While you could be following the diet or exercise right on dailyachiever, you could be doing some other mistakes that are hampering all your efforts.

    Here are 8 common mistakes that could be interfering with your weight loss journey:

    1. Sugar – Having a glass of fresh fruit juice is always a better option to a cup of coffee or any other aerated drink. However, if you have been adding sugar to your could be glass, to please your taste buds, it could be acting against you.
    2. Eating Too Late – If you are eating a late dinner and hitting your bed soon after, you may not be giving your body enough time to break down all that food you just ate.
    3. Water – While drinking water is extremely good for the body, drinking too much just before going to bed could be causing you more harm than you can imagine.
    4. Portion Control –Portion control is very important as it ensures you burn what you eat rather than letting your body store it for later use.
    5. When You Eat – If you are eating when you are not hungry, are waiting for something or are just bored, you could be eating much more than you realize. Eating when the body does not need it will result in all the foods being stored as fat.
    6. Eat Out –You are not aware of all the ingredients that go into the dish and more often than not, these not only add taste to the dish but weight to your body too.
    7. Starve – If you are starving yourself to ensure lesser food intake, you could be driving your body into a fight mode where it stores everything as fat for later use to protect itself from starving
    8. No Exercise – If you are only dieting and not exercising, losing weight will remain a dream. For one to lose weight effectively, you need a good combination of a healthy diet and well-balanced exercise routine.