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    The Dangers of Self Medication You Haven’t Thought About

    Every physician advises against self-medication. There are a few cases where over the counter medicines can be consumed. But most of the medicines, especially the ones for oral consumption, should be taken only after consultation with a physician.

    There are some drugs that can be addictive

    OntarioDrugRehabs and many other rehab centers face cases where patients approach seeking help for overcoming addiction to a particular therapeutic drug. This is real and there are certain medicines which do have this effect on the person who takes them. Doctors are very cautious about prescribing the dosages of such medicines. When you take them without a prescription, taking the wrong dose might lead to addiction.

    There might be ingredients that you are allergic to

    Even if you spend enough time reading the labels, you might not possibly understand the effects of each ingredient in the drug, unless you are a specialist in the field. There might be certain ingredients or derivatives which you are allergic too. When a doctor prescribes a medicine he or she checks with the patient for any allergies to rule out harmful combinations. Self-medication sometimes leads to the consumption of medicines with allergens.

    Even the benign drugs in the wrong dose can lead to serious complications

    Besides choosing the right medicines, the right dosages also do matter. Taking smaller dosages than the required amount might simply not show the predicted results or slow down the process. But taking higher dosages than recommended, might lead to severe impacts. Dosages might be recommended based on the age, body weight and much other such consideration based on the medicine being prescribed.

    Before taking any medicine it is also important to understand whether there is any underlying health condition that could be made worse due to that particular medicine. Also, there are certain drug combinations that could be dangerous. To rule out all such dangers it is good to avoid self-medication.…